Those 1am text messages.

I've been seeing this guy for about a 2-3 weeks now. It's been fun and when we're together he seems very interested in me. He'll ask me a ton of questions about my life and what I do. He's also taken me on dates like the movies and invited me over to stay over (even though I told him I wouldn't sleep with him in advance). I've been him upfront with him and told him I don't plan on sleeping with him for a while, it's just not who I am. He always laughs and says okay no problem, when can I see you next.

He's been super respectful and still wants to see me. But last night he texted me at 1am asking me what I was up to that night? I texted him I was going to bed, and we left it at that. But I'm just curious if he only sees me as a challenge and really just wants to get in my pants. Or if he actually is interested and just wanted to give it a shot that night and see if I would say yes. I'm going to ask him next time I see him, but just wanted another opinion. Thanks


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  • It's possible that he was just bored, couldn't sleep and wanted to see you. Either way, it was 1am and he was thinking about you.

    I think a lot of guys find it a bit annoying when a girl constantly says things like, "I'm not easy", "I won't sleep with you so soon" or "Do you just want to get in my pants?". Rather than screaming "I'm a self respecting woman with a strong will" it seems to portray you as someone that is following a rule book.

    Just take it easy, go with the flow and if you don't want to sleep with him - don't. He might get tired of it and fade away, but that's fine. Then you can find someone willing to wait.