Meet this girl on dating site but not sure how to move forward.

I saw her profile last week and messaged her , also clicked yes to wanting to meet her ( a new feature on POF ) she replied and also clicked yes to wanting to meet me , got a couple replies from her but just short ones that aren't clear how interested she was and she hasn't really asked me any questions or said much . I'm not sure how interested I'm in meeting her or how easy it be as she said she works midnights as a nurse at nursing home

any ideas ? keep trying to talk to her ? ask if she'd want to meet sometime or just assume her level of interest isn't there in terms of asking for a date


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  • That "meet me" feature's been around for years and is totally ignored by girls on the website. Messages are what they look at and your profile(hopefully but I find some don't and message me anyway).

    Just ask her for her number to meet up. DON'T ENDLESSLY EMAIL. A lot of girls are only on that site for attention. If she has a problem with it, you lost nothing anyway. Just message another girl. If she wants to keep emailing without giving you her number, don't! You'll be wasting your time feeding her ego while she continues to crave attention from you. So definitely don't get stuck in that trap. You want to meet people in person off of this.

    Even if you get her number, get more girls' numbers because I can tell you from experience when I was collecting numbers, so many of them dropped off the face of the planet and stopped responding to my texts. If I focused on one girl, she may not have been on of the numbers I had when it came to meeting up.

    • I don't remember the meet me feature being around before but then it might of been like 2009 or 08 when I last was active on that site or really gave it a try

    • All it does is send the receiver an email saying "Username wants to meet you!" and any girl I talked to about it just thinks "Why didn't he message me then?" It also sends the email if you click "maybe" also. It's also a way the site tries to make money because users can pay to be one of the first photos put up on the site.

    • I sent her an email not directly asking for number but hinting at it , asking if she'd be into texting or maybe Skype convo's and no reply at all , I guess she wasn't that interested

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