Should I message him? Facebook or text?

I Met a guy last February I danced with him acouple times & talked that night for a little bit but he was really shy. We talked on Facebook we hanged out with the same group of friends & he was my cousins bestfriend after awhile he started to message me after everytime he saw me & he'd say "you looked good today :)" or he'd ask why I left early . & sometimes he'd message me out of nowhere with a "hey how have you been" . He never talked to me in person unless it was to ask me to dance & once he asked to hold my hand while dancing. But he had a few drinks so I blamed the alcohol.

After awhile my birthday passed he wished me a happy birthday & messaged me the next day asking if id accept a late birthday gift which was going out to dinner. & my sister & bestfriend convinced me to go so I was really nervous because we were both shy. The date went great & we texted for about 2 weeks & he asked me to hangout again & I couldn't that night because it was late & I had to work the next day so I said I couldn't & he said he understood.. I really liked him & all & he told one of our friends that he wanted to get to know me on a serious level but he never messaged me after.

He likes my pictures on instagram fb & my fb statuses but he doesn't say anything to me no message no text what so ever its been 2 months & I saw him in person again on new years day & he said happy new years but didn't look at me in the face . Did I hurt him? If so how can I fix it? I'm really shy & I'm never the type to text a guy first I don't know why its just how I am. How can I message him without making it awkward? :(

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  • It seems to me, with all my experience in men, sweetie, he is not that "into you"---or into a " level" of just ANYTHING, if he hasn't even messaged you in over 2 months. I don't see here where you offended him or anything just because you had told him it was late and you had to work the next day. I don't think you hurt him, no. And as far as New Years Day went, it sounded as though it was now "awkward" for him to see you in person, because his feelings for you had changed, meaning not wanting to take things to the "next level." The only thing you can really do at this point, is either message him on Facebook a "Hi, how have you been?" Or okay, as a last resort, simply text him a "hi" as well. Wait and see if he responds.

    • As far as "liking your pix on instagram fb and fb stats, he may have been just being polite. It's fb, and fb IS for---friends...

    • 2 Months passed because I wasn't in town I left About 2 weeks after our last text & didn't come back until 3 days before newyears I didn't have phone service so I don't know if he tried texting me . He always passes by my house & today he passed right when I was getting home from work he knows my schedual because we talked about our jobs before . & by hurt I ment did he feel embarrased to see me after I rejected him that date ..

    • Hmmm, okay, I see..So if he 'passes by your house, and knows your schedule," wait to see if he stops in..:))

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  • Just do it. Get out of your comfort zone . ask him . If you like this guy that much then it will be that much more worth it for you to pursue him .


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  • I think you should message him. text message to be specific. since he is shy he might think you don't like him as much anymore. Also it's been two months so his feelings could have changed a little, but since he still likes your pics and statuses means he is still interested in you and might even fb stalk you lol... I think you should text message him since y'all were already friends. I think it's more personable than a fb message. You could text him something silly like 'long time no see' or just ask him how's he been or something. I'm sure he will be happy to hear from you, and know that you are still interested. I it will probably be scary to do, but just take a chance and put yourself out there... Hope it all works out :)