Why is he acting distant now?

So I'm dating this guy in the navy, we met before he left, and everything was great, he would go out of his way to see me, I met his mom, his close friends, and we went on plenty of dates. However he got deployed and went away for 4 months, when he came back he called me, and we hung out that same week, and we've been talking ever since, but recently were suppose to hang out last Wednesday night, I called him and got no response, its been a week and I haven't heard from him at all, should I wait for him still or see what's up ? He even called me that Monday to see if I wanted to go out that night but he cancelled and said "Hey I'm sorry but something happened". Is it someone else ?


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  • I wouldn't jump to conclusions, just stay positive.

    I would also not get too hung up on this guy, keep your options open, but also try to stay in touch with him.


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  • He found someone else. that is how dishonest twits do... Best thing for you to do is ignore his ass, and move on. trust me, you'd save yourself the headache.


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  • Maybe he's busy or there was a family emergency...
    Don't bug him though. If he never replies just let it go.