How can I get her to want to chase me?

I've been texting this girl for a bit. Every time I do I'm initiating a conversation. Then if I text her the next day I get no answer. So I decided to not contact her until 2-3 days later, and once I do... she texts me really quick. I think the quickest was probably 30 seconds after I asked her how her week went. How can I get this girl to want to chase me?


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  • The best way to get a girl to chase you is to show a lot of interest and contact her a lot for a few days, then completely stop for 2 or 3 days following that. Only reply to anything she texts you, though not too quickly.

    Careful not to repeat that for too long though, as she may interpret it as just plain being led on.

    • I called her and left a message to hangout this weekend , she texted back and didn't mention the hangout part. I texted her today and no answer. Just leave it be or ask about hanging out this weekend? Again.

    • Leave it be for at least a week. After that try again and if she doesn't mention the hanging out another time, then I suppose it would be best to just leave her in the past.

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