She started sexting me, we are friends?!

She had me friendzoned for a few months already and suddenly she starts sexting me. After quite a while we stop doing so and we obviously feel very strange. We didn't even talk at school before this happened because it was awkward and now even more so!

She has never had any type of contact or relationship with boys. She trusts me a hell of a lot. We've had multiple fallouts and don't text eachother for about a week everytime but she always admits to texting again. She once again told me it would be smart if we wouldn't talk anymore (after the sexts). What do I fucking do? I just want her to act like an adult and go out with me once but this whole situation is confusing the hell out of me?!

We care about eachother and this is not the way, what do I do?

We are or were both innocent teens.

We were sexting for a few hours not multiple days btw!


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  • Shes probably just playing with your emotions.


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  • Put the cells away and talk face to face. Be honest and tell her how you feel. Maybe she's embarrassed now and feels unsure of what to say? Honesty is the best policy. Good luck!


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