So confused am I just being played?

Hi I started text a male employee 8 mths ago he is younger than me and Initiated contact with me. We are both single with children to start the texts were just casual things a few times a day but as the weeks went on we became flat out texting from first thing in the morning to last thing at night and this got a little hotter. We arranged to meet outside of work which we have on a few occasions we have slept together on a few occasions but to me the messages and the build up to this have always seemed more exciting to me although I have never let on about this and he has always enjoyed himself. Thoughout this the messages have still been flat out. I knew I liked him as I wouldn't have let it get this far if I didn't however when I told him that I had stronger feelings for him than I should have he was straight and told me that yes he does like me but is not looking for anything serious and he doesn't want to lose my friendship. I told him I was happy that he was honest that he wouldn't lose my friendship but I was no longer going to be naughty. He continued to text me flat out up until after Christmas. Something changed new years eve though as he stopped texting me as much and now I get the maximum of 6 texts a day. His messages are still quite flirty and I really don't know what to think was this just a challenge to see if he could get the boss into bed? or does he actually like me. He has told me that he trusts me completely, would never do anything to hurt me and if I asked there is not much he wouldn't do for me. I am so confused

Just need another persons prospective so please help :-)


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  • sounds like my problem...

    i NOW am not seeing one of my employees..I am the bosses daughter, and I work for my family here.We were seeing each other for a year and got very very intimate.As soon as I started to pull away from him things got awkward between us.I did some digging into his personal life and found out he was married and about to get remarried to the same woman after telling me he was separated from her and going to get a new house without her.My story is a bit different than yours but I feel both guys just wanted to see if they can sleep with their superiors.I just recently called everything off and I feel much much better. I still think about him everyday and night but its not a healthy relationship to have in the workplace, let alone I found out he was quite the dog. So in my opinion I think its best for you two to go your separate ways...If you see a mans true colors start to show before you even have a relationship you should take it as a blessing.

    • I know he definitely is not married and up until Christmas he was constantly texting me so he couldn't have been up to anything then as when he has been with me he wouldn't even look at his phone. I have confronted him via text and he has told me that he isn't really speaking to anyone at the moment as he has a court appearance coming up which he is worried about. Is this just an excuse? I try to ignore him but at work I can't. Yours really does sound like a dog and I'm glad you got out xx

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    • let him long for you, he will want you more.

      i often try not to look sad around him because he makes me feel sad now a days when I see when he sees me without a care in the world he then texts me , calls me and so forth...

      i usually get a rise out of him when I leave work right at 5 when we close without saying bye to him or anyone.

      for instance yesterday he thought I was seeing somebody from work because I left in a jiff. I just leave so quickly because I'm tired of the hurt.

    • I'm trying and he will text me I don't let him see I'm hurt although I cannot look at him in the eye as he will see it. I always try to be laughing and smiling around him. If not his loss as considering he doesn't want to lose me its coming very close