Are some girls just bad at texting?

As a guy, I just assume that girls take texting pretty seriously. Like some girls freak out if a guy doesn't respond in a decent amount of time. I also assume that most girls check their phones frequently.

So there's a girl that I've been texting around once a week. I want to give her space, to appear not as clingy. It's short, we exchange 3-4 texts and then stop. Sometimes, she'll just stop responding mid conversation and not ever reply. Other times, she'll reply like a week later and apologize. Every time she stops responding, I don't ever send another text again asking her if she received the last one. I just try to forget about it and proceed with my busy life.

She never initiates any texts, but gives me a few long responses (like 5-8 sentences) before she just stops responding. I only recently met her, and she said she had a lot of fun when we went on a coffee date and was willing to do something with me again sometime.

Am I texting her too much? Do girls read messages and then forget to reply?


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  • Honestly, there are a lot of girls who LOVE texting, but then there are a ton of girls who don't like texting. Honestly, I have a lot of girlfriends who always say to me "call me, cause I hate texting" but of course I text them anyways, lol! Anyways the ones that don't text are the ones that usually don't respond or the ones that give short answers, etc. However this girl has made the effort to give you long texts, so that does show interest, cause trust me if I am not into a guy I will NOT give him long sentences or responses it would be short and sweet. Or just extremely short, lol!

    I am a big texter, so to me you are not texting her a lot, but to her, you probably are, cause she's probably not the texting type. I would just call her instead of texting her. Since you already went out with her, I would ask her out again and this time I would do it by calling her :) Good luck sweetie! :)


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  • Most girls text back in a timely manner. I very rarely forget to respond back to something. Sounds like she's looking for you to chase her. I dont' think your texting her too much to the point it's clingy. Then again maybe you need to figure out what she is looking for. Give her a phone call instead. Texting is the worst communication these days because there is a lot of misinterpretation going on. If she has already agreed she had fun and willing to meet up again I don't see what the problem is. Like I said call her up or at least cut right to the chase and arrange to meet up soon.

  • NEVER. we never not reply... she is simply not that into you.

    for your sake I would not talk to her anymore. you have all done all you could to let her know you're into her. so give her space and let her be the one to initiate the conversation.even though you may have had a great time on your coffee date, most women like to be nice.


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