Brunch for a first date?

I was offered a Sunday brunch as a first date by a woman.

- dress code ?

- is she not that interested ?

Advice, experiences welcome. Thanks !

Well to be honest, I've never been on a brunch date. It's always been Friday or Saturday evenings.


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  • given your age group if someone is willing to put up with you in the morning then you may have potential with her...

    there's not much to your story to go by.

    dress code-- a nice button up would suffice

    interested- women don't usually initiate dates so I would say she could be

    don't get mislead by whether she's interested in you because of the time of the day..

    she may just want to spend the entire day with you be prepared to have activities planned

    • LOL I am 43 --please explain your first sentence ?

    • i feel that most younger generations read into dating a lot, So many of us may get offended when offered to go out on a date with someone in the day time means they have someone to spend the evening with.

      i figure that older generations don't look into situations like that as much...

  • How was your date lol?

    Hopefully, you got laid.

    • lol, thanks for your concern. The date in is 13 hours, though. So any advice would be appreciated ;)

    • Don't expect too much on the first date, you know..

      Just be chill and relaxed, be smooth and confident..

      It's not about look, it's mainly how you carry yourself so yeah be gentle and cold-blooded, I just LOVE guys who act like that on the first date, it makes me so comfortable.. Lol, I really don't know, you're a pretty mature guy so she must be in your age group which means you're 20 or more older than I'm lol and I don't think you could benefit from my advices that wouldn't apply on you.

    • Oh I was more thinking about the dress code here. But thanks for your answers anyway!

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