We have been dating for 7 months but always act like its our first date.

weve had a lot of deep convos about life and things, and he talks alot, but physically it seems like we always act like we are on our first date, like being shy, it takes him awhile for him to take my hand, it takes him awhile to put his arm around me, like at a bar.

we are both sort of shy, don't know if that's it

why is this happening and what can I do about it


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  • You can meet him halfway. My guess is that he would like to be more openly affectionate but because of his shyness he is not sure if should. When you are walking beside him you can extend your hand partway between you as an invitation to take it. When sitting beside him you can lean into him a bit as an invitation to put his arm around you. When departing you can lean into him as an invitation to kiss you. He might miss the gestures but it's worth trying. It won't make you come off as desperate. You might also spend more time in more private settings, whether at home or when out. He may be holding back because of the people around you.


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