Guys why don't you get it if we don't reply to your texts often or at all?

Theres this guy that just won't stop pushing to hang out with me...Im just not that into him, I feel like kind of an asshole because I Haven't told him I just don't see him that way... why does he keep trying, we never hang out as it is...

anyone ever been in this situation...where the guy is so thirsty he just won't take a hint...?

and fellas please explain why you do this...

thanks for the scolding guys!

I'll tell him.


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  • Tell him you're not interested or it is assumed that even if you aren't, you're enjoying the attention he is giving you. Even though you're coming here saying you can't stand his texts, I am sure deep down you love the fact the he is making you feel wanted in some way.

    Any person with common sense would know it is not hard at all to block a phone number. Plenty of girls know how. Just block his phone number and be done with it.


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  • Maybe you just don't reply to texts?

    It's very hard to figure out what a girl (a person, really, in any other context) thinks.

    Also, when it comes to the best advice out there on what guys should do in order to find someone to have a relationship with, well, maybe google it a bit.

    I think you'll find it very challenging to not see an overwhelming amount of advice that tells guys that, "no matter what, just keep trying."

    It really is a silly, sometimes pointless game we play. Look at all the questions from girls on here trying to figure out what a guys actions or inaction's mean.

    In other words: both sexes are pretty silly.

    Really, both sexes know what it is we're looking for, but if we were just straightforward and told the other sex what we thought or wanted, well obviously the sky would fall.

    Why for example do you not tell a guy that you're interested in that "yes, I'm not sure if you were suggesting you were interested in me, but just in case you were, I'm interested in you too, so let's just get to know each other and see if, in fact, we're a good fit?" (Maybe in fact you do just this: sorry to assign words or actions to you - all I'm really trying to do is make a point.)

    Why do we all dance around it? trying to do anything but just say outright how we feel about one another?

    So I guess I'm standing up for this clueless guy. Why should he realize you're not interested? When do women (or men) ever tell the other sex what it is they really think or want?

    We feel, for whatever nonsensical reason that we have to sneak up on it, never actually voice it, until it's just too obvious to deny.

    I do though sympathize with your situation, and I'm sorry you're going through this.

    He has, I would swear to it, been told over and over and over again that the right thing to do is to persevere. You haven't told him flat-out that his advances are not successful, and not desired, so by many people's rules, he's doing the right thing, ironically and unfortunately.

  • He might think that as long as he gets an answer from time to time, you might change your mind.

    Do yourself and him a favour, just tell him to quit contacting you.

  • Well there's your problem... stop expecting people to "get it." If you can't be upfront about not being interested, don't be upset when you come across a guy who frustrates you by doing the same.

    Some guys and girls don't "get it." Running from the problem doesn't help, either!

  • Do not give him hints. Guys are bad at interpreting hints. Tell him that you aren't interested and you want to be just friends. It's a nice way of letting him down.

    Honestly, some guys keep trying until they get a firm no. I usually have a good sense of whether or not a girl is interested, but I want to give it a shot anyway. I ask her out. If she says no, says she's busy, or flakes. I just assume she's not interested and move on.

  • Some people cannot take a hint. Just say so.

  • Because we can't tell if a girl is playing hard to get, or just blowing us off. Women act the same way in both cases.

  • Men are expected and encouraged to be persistent in trying to get with the girls we like. Think of the amount of movies where the guy is constantly chasing a girl and doing things to impress her, and then he always gets her in the end.

    And then think of the way many women are advised to play hard to get, and men are expected to persist to show how much they care, and if they don't persist, these women think that the guys were just lazy or that they weren't interested enough.

    The reason there's so much confusion around this kind of stuff is that there's so much conflicting advice, so much game playing going on, and women especially give off so many mixed signals. People seem unable to simply tell it how it is. You say you haven't told him you don't see him that way, why? Don't blame the man when you yourself don't have the guts to tell him.

  • Because men are not mind readers, you may think you're being clear sending hints, when in actuality you're being very hot/cold unclear, and this may actually be increasing his interest.

    Basically be a woman and tell him, it is worse you not telling him, for both of you.


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  • Oh yeah I know what you mean. I have had that situation and one right now. I just told him that I am NOT into him like that in ANY way not to be mean but I told him he is like a brother since he is my brother's friend. It sucks for him because he got friendzoned by me but I DON'T see him in any other way besides a FRIEND.

  • Yeah this happens to me too