How do I start a conversation with a girl online?

I just joined a casual social networking site called MeetMe some girls accepted my friend requests but how do I start a conversation with them? I want a girlfriend. I've already messaged them and said "hi, what's up?" like it was suggested in my last question but none of them replied days later and they're on frequently. And they're profiles are blank or nearly blank and doesn't offer any ideas on what to talk about.

Help please? How do I start a conversation with a girl online?


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  • It's kind of difficult when you have no leads or info on what to talk about, maybe try to say something that will attract her to want to reply, something that stands out over all the other 'hi what's ups?' she might have received. Tell her something you like about her from her photo (I assume she has one up), preferably not boobs or butt lol and that you'd like to be able to get to know her a bit more. Maybe tell her something a bit about yourself, a few brief things maybe? Enough so that she can see you're an open, nice guy and interested in sharing a bit about yourself but not enough so that she has to message you back to find out more ;)

    Good luck!


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  • Tell her about yourself; where your from, hobbies, musical interests and life goals, and ask her the same. Take your time writing and try and craft something that demonstrates intelligence and humor. Steer clear of Neanderthal-like communications such as "hi, what's up", as they tend to perpetuate the common perception of men as non-communitive, mono-syllabic mouth-breathers.

  • Dude. they are human I know they are weird and have cooties lol but they are just simply human nothing to fear. Well until marriage that is, then you should worry lol, but you are far from that.

    They wonder and fear what you do too.

    Believe me no woman is worth fearing and being to scared to talk to. They all have hearts some hide it some try to hide it but they all have a heart.

    There is no magic spell to put on them to talk to . YOU NEED TO BE YOURSELF !

    You do not want anybody being tricked into a fa├žade. So do not focus on what someone try's telling you what works or not. It is not a game it is life and communication simple as that.

    Only you know you. So who best to tell your story ? Just talk to everybody the same way there is no trick .


  • Texting "what's up " is a bit bland as a first text, besides she probably gets many of those kinds of texts not only from guys on the website but guys she knows off the internet.

    You should be a bit more original, make your text stand out and give a better first impression.

    Can you see each others' interests on the we page? Do you have some in common? That could be a potential opener. See what I mean ?

  • like this:

    you: "hi"

    her: "hello"

    you: "wanna have sex"

    works every time.

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