Am I wrong to feel this way about meeting someone new?

Alright for starters. I wasn't very experienced in my early 20's. I was with a girl for over three years, I ended it and was back on the dating scene at 28. So in less than a year I've slept with 5 girls, some we were in relationships, I got dumped once, I dumped someone once.

I am sincerely trying to find someone to settle down with. But something I have no patience for is when I ask someone out, and they keep saying they are busy, try next week. My attitude is, if I offer three days to go on a date, and they reject them all, and don't come up with an alternative, it means they're not interested.

I'm currently seeing a girl I went on two dates with and slept with once, I feel in my heart of hearts I'm not going to marry her. She was texting me a lot for a bit, but went silent today. So I figure, I'm not crazy about her, she stopped being crazy about me. So I decided to text a girl who I got the number from my friends sisters. So I asked her, if there was a good time to call her in the next few days. She wrote back and said she was busy, next week would be better. I said "sounds good, let me know".

My attitude is if she doesn't get back to me, then forget about her. I don't find her all that attractive, and I have nothing in common with her., so I see no reason to put some giant effort in pursuing her.

Am I being to hard on her? I really have no patience for girls who turn down a certain date, and remain vague as to when it will work for them.


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  • Either a girl likes you or not, either she wants to go out with you or she doesn't . You sound like you're going way too fast in your relationships, why not take it slow? I've said this many times on other questions, why not have sex after marriage? If you can't wait till then, maybe you never loved her.