Totally random text from him...why does he keep doing this?

I haven't talked to this guy in months and he randomly texts me "goodnight stranger!". We was in this roller coaster of a relationship for over 2 years until I finally realized that I deserved better. Now, he has a girlfriend, or did. He brought her to my birthday party a couple of months ago so why in the world is he texting me now?! Yes I was crazy about him but things have changed now. I have no desire to talk to him, and I thought we both moved on, but maybe not?


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  • yeah, seems like he most likely still has feelings of some sort for you. You guys stayed friends after your relationship?

    • Not exactly. It was a roller coaster so we was always friends...until about 5 months ago when I realized I deserved better than a half way boyfriend. At the same time, I found out he was dating a girl he's been on and off with for about 5 years! I thought she was out of the picture completely! I drew the line there and we completely quit talking. Then he text me happy birthday, showed up at my party with her, & that was that. Then I got this goodnight message.

    • that's weird that he'd surprise show up at your bday...w/ some other girl. I dunno, it seems like he has some sort of feelings - he cares enough about something to say good night. But, yeah, seems like maybe he doesn't know what he wants or he wants too much?

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