Not telling her what we are doing on the date?

Do you think it's a good idea to keep a girl in the dark about what we'll be doing on the date? For example, not saying what movie we'd be watching, where we'll be visiting, what we'll be eating, etc.

Imagine that this is one of the first few dates in the relationship. Is it a good idea?

Or would it be better if she knew it all?


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  • If she knows you then it's okay. Surprise can be nice.

    If she doesn't know you, it may sound like you're trying to lure her out into a dark alley to be murdered if you don't tell her anything about what your plan is.

    On the first few dates, safety is paramount.

    • ... wow okay. but you make a good point, hmm, maybe I'll just leave out the part on what kind of restaurant it is, but give her the full itinerary of where we're going, how long we're staying out kind of stuff.

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  • if the girl is acquaintance it's fine, if she's not it's not appropriate to keep her in the dark because she might not want to go where you're taking her, she has the right to refuse.


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  • Not at all. Girls want to dress accordingly. If you at least said "I have a few things planned, dress casually" she'd have a clue what to expect.

    • It's either only casual or fancy/smart informal right? But yea it would be weird if both of us dressed for the wrong occasion.

    • Going off of what he said girls do like to dress for the occasion but that doesn't mean you have to spoil the surprise

      Just be sure to tell her if it's a casual type of setting or more dress like

      Or if she shouldn't wear heels or non comfortable shoes

      It's weird but trust me girls spend hours destroying their closet trying to find the perfect outfit especially when they don't know the occasion...!

      She'd appreciate the tip..!

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