Why is it hard for me be consistent when keeping in contact with people?

Yeah, so I noticed that whenever someone is texting me or messaging me via the Internet. I just fade out, even if the conversation is interesting or intriguing I react the same. I just stop replying and move on to something else, which is mostly listening to music or my other hobbies. I know that I don't have ADD or whatever its called because I can sit through 3 hour long movies and binge on shows for quite some time, if I'm comfortable enough. However, if someone were to call me Ill keep them on the phone for hours just talking from nothing to anything.

So what gives? Could it be that I subconsciously don't like communicating non verbally over a certain period of time? And does anyone else have this problem as well?


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  • I can see myself quite a bit in what you're describing. I've never actually looked at it as a problem. I can be alone for a long time, as long as I have something good to watch (tv show, movie) or to read. I can talk to people for hours about topics I'm interested in, but if it's something else I usually also just fade out at one point. I've also learned to act a bit and show some emotion form time to time, even if I don't really feel that way. Sometimes I just don't care at all about something, and still I pretend.

    Personally, I think many people pretend and act a lot. They pretend to be someone they're not, which is why you think you're so much different than the rest. And those who are emotional about just everything and have to share their feelings about everything are just drama queens in my opinion. They often seek attention and I hate that kind of behavior. And when several individuals who are like that are together, they'll just dramatize the **** out of everything.

    But don't be fooled, this behavior of yours could very well be certain symptoms of some psychological nature. Have you ever experienced a trauma of some kind? Something that has impacted you for good, to act the way you do. Are there signs of depression?

    I suspect I'm the way I am because of a lot of sadness in me that I am unable to get rid off.


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  • How are you when you are face to face with someone? Maybe, as you said, you subconsciously don't like communicating that way. In which case, if you have the number of the person you are texting/messaging, give them a call instead?