Should I continue to date a guy who is married but separated?

I have been seeing a guy for about a week who is married, but he and his wife have been split up for four months. He says this is the third time they split up and he's not going back to her. He seems very interested in me and has spent a few nights at my apartment already. But its Friday night and he doesn't want to hang out. Seems kind of weird to me. I mean, its the weekend! And I do know him from a long time ago and I know his wife. Should I just forget about it?


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  • He's still legally married. All you know is what he TELLS you about his wife. He could be lying his ass off. I knew a guy who said that and it turns out he was living with his wife the entire time and she had no idea they were "separated". I also had a friend who dated a guy who was separated from his wife, only to become heartbroken when he got back together with her and dumped her.

    A married man just has too much baggage for a woman to realistically date. Most of the time they just want a fun distraction anyway. You shouldn't date one until the divorce is final. Divorce and separation are complicated things. This man loved this woman enough to marry her, obviously strong feelings are involved. He could go back to her at any time and leave you out in the cold feeling horrible. It's just not worth it. There are too many single unmarried men out there


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  • No. Don't let him be with you until he files for divorce. You don't want to fall for this guy and then he decides he wants his wife back. It's for your own safety. If he files for divorce then stay with him.

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