Made out with my best friend now she's ignoring me.

I'm going to try and keep this relatively short but no promises there is this girl I'm very close friends with basically best friends with this girl wvee've been friends for going on about 4 years now I met her my senior year of high school and she had a crush on me then but I was in a relationship so nothing became of it. Well anyways we became great friends and gave each other advice about relationships hung out in the time when we both could and every time I hung out she was really touchy feely hugs hand holding and eventually it got to cuddling a bit but then that sorta stopped. Anyways on to my main story this year I've seen her a few times over the past summer and a bit throughout this fall since we've both been away with school. I saw her a bit over Thanksgiving break where I went over to her house and the hugs and hand holding happened as well as a few times of grabbing my face and stuff the oddest thing though was she came up behind me as I was sitting at her kitchen table and wrapped her arms around my neck from behind and rested her head on my shoulder so I grabbed her arms and held her there and she kept saying things like how she's missed me and how comfy I was later she cuddled and sat on my lap during a movie we were watching till I had to leave. So here's the biggest development. Last night she came over so I could give her the Christmas present I'd gotten her this is the second year we've done this both times by her own suggestion well she wanted some movies so I got them and she came over to watch started the movie and she wanted me to sit by her so I did and then she put her legs over mine and cuddled up to me resting her head on my shoulder and holding my hands and arm. We sat like that all through the first one and when I came back from getting something to drink for the next one she was laying down on the couch and told me to lay down with her. So I did and I apologize if this gets graphic. I laid down and she laid in front of me she continually would rub my arms and hands or play with my feet with her own. Well things sorta progressed the movie really wasn't being watched she was running her fingers through my hair and eventually moved my hand and placed it on her breast. I went with it thinking she just wants to be close and then at the end of the movie she rolls over and faces me and then we make some small talk and she moves in and kisses me I was so shocked I didn't know how to respond so she made a small joke about it but then we kept going she kept pulling my head closer for each kiss holding me there and eventually she asked if we cold go up to my room I said sure since I didn't want my brothers or parents who were there to walk in on us. So went upstairs to my room and start making out there on my bed and all of a sudden she starts talking about sex and how she wants it right now. we didn't do it cause her parents called asking where she was. I walked her out we kissed a lot more on the way and now she's ignoring me

Also we've play fought and that night she text me later saying shed made it home safe since the roads were kinda bad from snow and we've hung out since the kiss once but since that times she's been ignoring me.
guess I'm just looking for an explanation for it all or advice on what I need to do? I do like her a lot I don't know how to describe it but her kiss is something I can't get out of my head it was different then any other I've had before.


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  • Buddy. Relax. It's been 24hrs. She's sent you a text, and you've hung out since. I really don't think that is ignoring you.

    I do get the feeling she may want to take the friendship to another level. BUT you've been friends for 4yrs. She is likely having thoughts, questioning whether she should have done that. What if...What if...What if...

    Give it 2 or 3 days, see what happens. Regardless you must talk about this, face to face. Something like this should not be done by text or email. It's to easy to type one thing but be feeling another.

    when you do talk one thing you have to do is say what you feel NOT what you think. That goes for her as well. If you hear something like, "I think..." Stop her right then and there. Ask her what she feels not what she thinks.

    The two of you have to figure out what's next. Friendship or more. But you have to think about this to. Maybe that kiss was great and all. But you have to really think about what you want more. Friendship or relationship and the pros and cons of each.

    Just feel her out (not up ;p). And talk

    Good Luck

    • Been longer than 24 hours about two weeks now

    • OK that is different. Sorry you said "Last night she came over so I could give her the Christmas present". No matter.

      If it's been two weeks, she has definitely had 2nd thoughts, is feeling guilty and not sure what to do.

      But you still need to talk. Send another text asking to meet, you miss her friendship and company. Still no reply, tell her to contact you when she is ready. Your (her) friendship means the world to me (you) and I don't want to lose you. From that point it's up to her.

    • Yeah sorry about that the last night was supposed to be later had some issues typing on my phone. But alright I was sorta thinking the same thing I really do value her as a friend and I agree I need to look at if I want a relationship or not but the thing is with her I've always felt like its something I've wanted to try.

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  • She is obviously into you. No girl would just say those things and do those things without wanting you. I certainly get close to people when watching movies, but I don't kiss my friends. if I want to kiss you its' because I am into you.
    Now that's pretty bold to come and want sex right away but whatever.

    What have you said to her since the night yall were cuddling and what not? Have you asked to hang again?

    • Yeah we hung out the week before I went back and got some hot coco and went and saw a movie and while it was good during the movie things felt awkward I mean we hugged like normal and what not but it felt different. And since then she's been ignoring me I just don't get it

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