Guys, if a girl (friend or first date) kisses you on the cheek?

what would you think?

Would you then grab her and plant a kiss on her lips?

Sometimes I want to kiss a guy, but I'm just too shy to make that bold of a move. But I might be just brave enough to give him a peck on the cheek.


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  • I would want to do so, but I would be afraid that she kissed me on the cheek for a reason. So if I chose to kiss her in the mouth, she'd slap me in my face. If you kiss a guy on the cheek, they usually will assume that was it, and goodnight. It basically means the date is over, we're done, see you next time.

    Maybe it's better if the girl gives me a sign that it's okay to kiss her. Like lean in closer, smile, look into my eyes, look at my mouth, and back. If she did that, I'd feel more comfortable about taking the initiative myself so she wouldn't have to.


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