How much affection is too much?

I told this guy I had feelings for him. We were hanging out a lot last semester of college and have known each other off and on for a year now. He ended up expressing that he liked me too and we kissed for a bit and at the end he told me about how we should get to know each other and take things slow and that he has feelings for a friend as well, but they weren't ever returned. We have gone on two dates, and they've done well. I felt like we matched each others' affections, but he started to pull back, and I asked him about it. He said he thought things were going to fast and that he basically felt like he couldn't return my affections which he felt were stronger than his. I am just naturally affectionate, but I could see how I could come off as too girlfriend-y by accident(I like to make my friends little trinkets, bake, send them silly messages). I also think he is just a wonderful guy, and I might have been too excited and not have realized it. He said he wanted to get to know me better and reestablished that we were just dating and not in a relationship and wanted to build a deeper bond with me (which I knew and wasn't trying to push for otherwise since I still want to get to know him better too). I am going to back off and try to mirror his level better. It really does sound like he is still interested in getting to know me and cares about me. What should I do? What kinds of behavior do you expect when you have only been dating for 1.5 months (He got really ill for two weeks and then went on a vacation with his family which is why we have only gone on two dates). I am crafty and made him something small when he got really sick and I have just been sending cute flirty messages and complimenting him. I don't spam text him or anything or get pushy over it. He is the first guy I have dated, so I am rather new at it all, and he hasn't had any serious relationships either.


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  • This is kinda tough because it really varies according to the couple.

    I would say to pull back a little and pay more attention to his behavior. The gifts and messages are thoughtful, but they are pretty intense gestures. Just be casual and let it go where it will.

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