"Hey beautiful"...really? Is he kissing up to me, or what?

Long story short. I was a friend and helped him get over his abusive ex. Was there for him through everything. He initiated more first and pushed me for more, but was reluctant because he has a hard time trusting people. Then, when I tried to ask him over and be more, he began blowing me off. Things came to a head and he said he liked me, but didn't want to hurt me because he wasn't over his ex. Then, accused me of pushing him. We both later apologized and decided to be friends. He disappears for a week and comes back, telling me he's ready to start dating again. I took that as a sign to me and I asked him over again, but he blew me off again, saying "one day" he'd like to hang out. I got upset and mouthed off. He disappeared for two days, and came back, saying he wasn't ready to try and move on. I said my peace and told him I was still there for him as his friend. He messaged me again two days later, saying he knew I thought he was just a huge asshole, but that he didn't want to put me in a situation I didn't deserve to be in. We act like friends again and he disappears again. We play this text once a week game, until we get back from break at our college and we have some good conversations. The last time he text me was Monday. He texts me this afternoon, saying, "Hey beautiful. I hope you're having a good day!"

HEY BEAUTIFUL? He hasn't called me that since we first met. Really? It was SO OBVIOUSLY out of the ordinary! What's going on? I still haven't answered him, as he's notorious for not answering me sometimes.


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  • Sounds like you both should take responsibility and mature up if you really want this to work. You sound like you're in limbo and it's very easy and difficult to get out of that at the same time. Sounds like you have to find a way for him to trust you or it will never work.

    Best of look to you.

  • well he probably likes you

    • After everything, he likes me? I guess I was a little taken aback by his "beautiful" after everything that has happened between us and stupid me, kind of shut him down by saying a day later, "Hey, thanks! It was busy, but pretty great!" He replied 5 minutes later, "Good". His fast reply shocked me, but I didn't say anything else. He can't go a week without speaking to me, so should I just wait for him to contact me again and be sweeter and more receptive?

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    • I guess I will just wait for him to message me. I can't change him, nor his wishy-washy behavior. I have to accept that.

    • alright well good luck! If you need any other help with anything just add me!

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