Not talking everyday when you're dating?

So me and this guy have been dating for a few months and have known each other since November. We keep in contact with each other every day. But some days (which is rare), we don't talk at all due to being busy. Is it OK to not always be in contact?

It just sucks when you get into a routine of talking to someone and one day or two you just don't, you know?

(And he's out for the night and told me what he was doing, so I'm not gonna bother him right now, but if he wasn't doing anything of course id text him first).


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  • There is no law that says you both have to be in "constant contact" every day, sweetie. It is healthier to take a break for a day or so, so you can give one another a chance to "miss the kiss", to sort of speak. I was dating this guy for a year one time, and he would BARELY even text me a "hi, how are you," and calling was next to nothing null and void. So don't worry, you don't have to be up his butt every minute, nor him up yours. Believe me, that after awhile "sucks." Sounds as though you have everything handled like "peaches n' cream" right now.:))


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  • yeah it sucks, I'm at uni at the moment and the girl I'm seeing is very busy so we only get to see eachother every other day or sometimes ill pop over for an hour in the morning, its not nice but it does happen, if it starts to bug you - let him know. you want a guy to like you for how you are so he may appreciate you saying you wish you'd speak more

  • yes this is normal


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