Why is he contacting me through snapchat yet is ignoring my texts?

So I texted this guy I used to hook up with a casual "how are you" with no response about a week ago. That same night I found out my best friend and him kissed. I assumed he knew we were friends so I sent an angry text to him after he didn't pick up my call. My friend didn't know I was hooking up with him so I'm not upset with her. He hasn't responded to any of my texts, so I have yet to hear anything from him. We're obviously not dating but it still hurts me because he was the first guy I tried having sex with. What's frustrating now is the fact that he's looking at my snapchats and also sending me snapchats. I haven't been contacting him directly. Do you think he even cares that I'm upset? Why is he doing this?


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  • I have a guy friend who prefers to communicate through Snapchat...it's odd, but still. I'd say maybe he doesn't think you are mad at him anymore because you've been Snapchatting. If he keeps ignoring your texts or attempts to possibly discuss those earlier events, then I'd say move on...He may just be playing the field.