Called me her cyber boyfriend?

So there's this girl who lives a long ways away and we Skyped a four nights ago. We talk everyday but although I'm in love with her, it all seems so platonic.. Then she calls me her cyber boyfriend and that we're a bit of a couple in cyberspace. Girls, could you translate or encrypt this?


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  • What is there to translate? You guys can't title yourselves anything except that, you haven't physically met in person. I guess she says it to let you know you are of some significant importance to her .

    • Yes we have met, went to different high schools but were friends.

    • Oh well in that case. Do you guys visit each other. But I think she's letting you know you hold importance to her and telling you her feelings but not trying to come off about it in a strong way.

    • Maybe twice a year. It makes sense, although it makes sense that she's also looking around as I can't physically be there of here...

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  • How is that possible to fall in love with someone and make a commitment with him without even regularly seeing him in person? I mean, probably she was trying to give you some hints.. She wanted you to ask her out more frequently...

  • It's nothing

    It's just online

    Don't take it so seriously


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