Guys, how long did you date before you knew?

How long did you date before you knew she was "the one"?

My man & I have been together for almost 3 months. He's had girlfriends before me & they've treated him like crap (& that's putting it nicely)! He says I'm different than them & he just "has the feeling"... he's super patient with me (this is my first relationship) & we talk about any issues or anything that bugs us...He calls me classy, cultural & cute...I get along with his family & they love me. My family loves him too! Is that possible after only 3 months?

What sorts of things can we do to get to know each other better? Activities? Questions/Topics to ask/talk about

I would love to marry him & we both agree to date for at least a year, closer to two. We have a ton to learn yet & he wants to gain my Dads trust/approval before he asks for permission. :)


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  • A few months. (3-6)

  • IT was pretty early. We started dating in August we took our first trip together and started talking about our wedding :|. It freaked me out a bit, but after that it was just natural.


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