I'm confused.

met this girl and her friend about 3 months ago. We chatted and talked on the phone almost everyday and she tells me everything about herself which she does not tell anyone else. We basically knew everything about each other. We would go out sometimes late at night just to eat or grab some yogurt. One day I I told her I really like her and would want to take it to the next level which is dating. She wouldn't give me an answer. She said if she met me 3 years earlier things would be great and she also found out her friend likes me which complicates things even more.She told me shell tell me later but never did and I never mentioned it again. I had asked her if she would ever marry a guy like me and she said " why not? you're nice, a good listener which is important but not sure about everything. But anyway after I asked her we still talk and chat but not as much. The funny thing is that I've met her for like 4 months and she would not show me where she live. she always meet me up at my house . I asked her and she said its because of the bad experience with her mom and her ex. My friend even asked her one time if she likes me and she said yes but not to tell me anything. I don't know what I should do. your opinion is appreciated:)


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  • I say you should try to get a straight answer from her. If you really like her, it's worth it to confront her again and ask her to just tell you how she feels, even if she thinks it will hurt you. It sounds like she has had some bad relationship experiences in her past, either with her or with her mother, so even asking her about that may be something that could help. Allowing her to talk to you about whatever happened could also bring the two of you closer.

  • I think that she deny's liking you to your face because her friend likes you,

    that's mainly how it goes .

    its betrail of the friends, so they give there other friend the opportunity,

    this makes a lot of sense to me, she's distancing herself from you so that you'll like her less,

    and maybe begin to like her friend more .

    You might want to consider someone else .

    Otherwise this may continue on .


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