I just broke it off with a girl on POF?

So basically, I met this girl online. We went on two dates and slept together on the second date. I started feeling in my heart of hearts that she wouldn't be someone I was going to marry. I was encouraged by my friends and family to just give it more time.

Anyway, I ask her to hangout Friday, she rejected that and said Saturday. I agreed.

So Friday comes along, and she notifies me that she can't do Saturday anymore, and says "maybe Sunday" instead. I also find out that she was no longer doing her Friday plans.

This flat out pissed me off (I had a really bad experience with a flakey girl in the past). I'm not all that into her, and I'm trying to see her, maybe with time I would feel differently.

She's telling me she feels like she's being pulled in all these different directions by friends in her life, and that she's really burnt out from song writing (wtf? I'm a song writer, and writing music has never stopped me from doing things).

Anyway, over texts we start talking about our past relationships. I proceeded to get drunk downtown.

I texted her, and called it off, explaining that I need someone I can depend on.

I feel bad, like I'm throwing something potentially good away, but at the same time I actually want someone who's not going to cancel on me suddenly and leave vague ideas of rescheduling.

Maybe I was just looking for an out and found it.


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  • You did the right thing. Stop feeling guilty. :)


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  • You can't make yourself like someone. Don't feel bad because you just weren't into it.


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  • I honestly feel you invested too much feelings too soon. This happens a lot. It was only 2 dates. You probably texted so much and thought you had more than you really did. Plus texting causes people to feel like they are deeper than they really are.

    POF is flakey as hell. Both girls and guys complain about it. At least this girl gave you a day or so notice. I've had girls cancel on me with only hints of canceling and not fully canceling even. I've even had one canceling when I was gonna get my shoes on and her excuse was that she had class. How the fuck does someone schedule something when they have class. This one's profile was one of those typical "Don't play games" profiles too. I also have trouble believing the ones who cancel cause of "medical emergencies." Ironically the pay ones are just as bad and even have the same profiles of girls on the free ones.

    Online dating is rolling dice. You don't know who you are gonna get.

    • Man, I would have been pissed if someone cancelled on me when I was putting on my shoes to leave and their excuse was they had class. How did she not realize she had class until the last second? Craziness

    • Yea I even had one on match.com schedule a date with me then I texted her shortly after work and suddenly she texted back asking her it to be a little later and I text her back and nothing... suddenly she texts me back way later saying she was at the movies. I just stopped texting after that.

  • There might be genuine people on online dating sites, but many of them, men and women, are either psychos or players.

    I was quite trusting the profile informations the woman were giving until I had a relationship with a woman met via okcupid.

    Now I am reading every answer they gave to every question they gave, and as soon as something sounds wrong or incoherent, I hide the profile.

    And I am starting to have a very huge "hidden profile" list there.

    Also, compatibility percentages are completely misleading.

    Well on your case, you did what you felt you should. But maybe you slept together too quickly ?

    • Oh yea... misleading for sure! This girl I met on match.com made it look like she was a hard worker and "Warned" people that she worked a lot of hours... and when I talked to her more about it I found out she was just a door to door salesperson who made almost nothing and lived at home.

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