What are examples of long term casual dating?

like if you have been dating him for 6 months

what is casual dating exactly

to elaborate, not dating others, planning events for next year, gave me necklace for Chirstmas, but only see each other once a week, what do you call what we have


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  • I agree with Kovallnkie19.. Your relationship is kind of like "the one"...but you both see other people and if you're dating for that long and are not committed then I'm going to assume that somewhere deep inside you both know that your relationship will end as soon as one of you find someone you really want a relationship with. I had a relationship just like this with a man for about 16 months. And when he ended it I was completely devastated.. If you want more with him I suggest you talk to him and if he doesn't want the same you should walk away not. Trust me.

    • well that's just it I THINK we are comitted, we aren't seeing other people, I think its all assumed so, he calls me his girlfriend, we just see each other once a week which is why I ask the question. Can I ask about your ex? what was your relationship like? did he tell you he didn't want anything? did he take you on dates and do things for you and buy you things? can you elaborate

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    • thanks for sharing. SO sorry that happened to you a sweet lady.So eventually he did commit but it took him awhile. Not everyone commits at the same speed.And I believe that if a girl pushes the issue first the guy almost always is going to say he's not serious at that point. Only when he is ready. It is hard to wait it out and I know a lot of people will not but so much on here girls ask where is this heading and lose the guy. I just think he moved at a SLOW pace, TOO slow for you- thank you :)

    • I agree that some men move slower but I think when it's real it's real. Two people become like magnets and they just commit. After that experience I will never date a man longer than maybe 4 months if he doesn't mention commitment. I think my ex stayed with me because I only brought it up once. I should have walked away immediately. So like I said, if you're in this situation just follow your gut..know yourself and ask yourself if you're prepared for how you will feel if he just disappears

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  • I would interpret that as you see other people but your relationship with that one person is still the perponderate one (the one that stays constant).

  • It depends on what YOU define it as. It is your relationship and there is no set standard to what you should call it. You shouldn't look to other people and their situations to define your own situations, when you have the ability to do out yourself. Basically, there's no need to be dependent on others for something you can and should be doing yourself.


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