Made things official but now I'm scared?

Weve dated for a few months and in a conversation a few days ago he said well since your my gf...i was like okay...we never had the talk abouy where we are at but apparently to him we are gf\bf. I guess I'm just scared because most guys I've dated couldn't commit or didn't want to so the fact that he's willing to caught me off guard...i feel stupid for feeling this way but its howi feel...i keep expecting him to be like ha just kidding


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  • Well it takes two to make a relationship such as a boyfriend/girlfriend official. It's like a contract. Both parties have to sign it in order for it to be official. It takes the agreement of two parties. Don't think about or dwell on what happened in the past with other guys or other situations because each one will be totally different even though they seem similar. There's nothing to be scared about because what he said doesn't automatically give him certain privileges with you without your knowledge or permission, even if for example, you had a written agreement that you were both into a boyfriend/girlfriend exclusive relationship. All that would do is make it very wrong or improper for either one of you to be dating or seeing anyone else of the opposite sex in a romantic or sexual manner. It's time for you to ask him what he meant by his comment a few days ago, "well since your my gf"? You don't want any guessing games going on nor do you want to have to be tip toeing around to know where you're at with him. It you want to be in a relationship with him then confirm that with him that you are. If he's in agreement and so are you, then act happy, kiss and say "great"! If you're not ready to commit to being in a relationship with him yet because you're uncertain of him, just not ready to be in a relationship with any guy, or if you are afraid, but if he thinks he is, then just tell say like "heyyyyyyyy, don't I have any say in that"? Or just ask him why he assumed you're his girlfriend. You need to have a little conversation about that so you both understand where you stand with each other. You have a say in this. This is no place or time for assumptions. No need for you to feel stupid any longer. You have a right to feel the way you do. Don't be waiting around for him to say he was just kidding. Speak up for yourself now before there are more misunderstandings. I suggest that you do this ASAP in a nice open manner. Never allow yourself to be taken advantage of just because he spoke out of turn now you're left you wondering what he meant. I suggest you take care of this while everything is still fresh ASAP! Good Luck!

    • In your main subject question you made things official but in the details you said it was only him that talked as if it wasl. If you think by whatever you said or did you made it official but now you're afraid, then you need to get out of it by telling him it's unofficial and that you are not ready to be in a relationship with him., If you're afraid at the start it will only get worst. You want go get into a relationship with your ears, eyes and heart wide open. No other way will work out..

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