How do you bring up the topic of becoming 'official'?

So me and this guy are dating but the problem is, we are long distance. We both are not seeing other people, but because we are long distance our main form of communication is texting. And I think it would be a bit weird to bring this topic up over text.

The next time we see each other is in May, but anything else can happen to see each other earlier.



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  • Between my wife to be and me the topic never really came up. Without talking about it we considered it 'official' at a certain moment. Just like that. But around that moment our walk brought us in front of a jeweller's store and she showed me two plain silver rings , ($10.- things) and suggested we both start wearing one like that. We entered the shop, bought them and wore them till we married. Later , my son used them before marrying his now ex. I don't know if he does the same with his present girlfriend.


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