Is he over me before we even dated.... did I make myself look bad?

okay so I met this guy at a bar, anyways he invited me and some friends to go back with his friends house to drink more. We all do, and end up staying over.. me and him sleep in the same bed and kiss a little but mostly just talk all night. Anyways he gets my number and I leave early. The next day he messages me asking me to go for a drink with him, I decline because I just got out of a relationship. but we still message back and forth everyday, huge paragraph texts and you can tell we are really clicking. ( he initates contact expect maybe once or twice) So I agree after a week that I will go out with him because we obviously are hitting it off like crazy. So we set a date but he gets called to work, he works away a lot so I understand. Anyways he messages me saying hell take pictures of where he's going for work and to not worry he still wants our date. So he goes to a different country for work, he texts me when he's changing flights and when he arrives. He sends me pis of where he's staying and is telling me all about it still texting me everyday eagerly. Anyways I get this notion in my head that I am playing to easy to get I readly apply and always pretty prompt. Anyways I ended up deleting Facebook because of the relationship I just ended and too much of me and him on it. The new guy texts me saying did you delete faceboook? I never reply because I wanted to make him sweat a little bit. Anyways I finally reply 13 hours later but when I was out for drinks silllly I know. So its one am my time 8 am his time and I just say " yes I deleted Facebook, I don't like Facebook all that much. Good morning by the way!" and he never replied... so me and my friends decide to go to the bar dance is over and my friend says this guy she is seeing is giving us a ride home, he happened to be with two other buddies too. Anyways I check to see if my new guy texted me and threw it back in my purse ( nothing still and was 3am my time so 10am his time) I retartedly left the message open and when I threw it in my purse it pocket dialed him! He heard 6 minutes of the whole car ride and convo we were having. I don't know if it went to voicemail or if he just listened. Either way 6 minutes. I wasn't saying anything bad in the convo but it was guys trying to get my number and asking all about me and everything. I didn't give my number out or flirt was just making convo... so now he hasn't texted me its only been a day. but he would always reply to me instantly and initiate everything and really enjoyed our convos. I'm afraid he thinks I was going home with guys or that I'm a drunk mess or something... Should I just wait for him to contact me.. if he will. Or do I text and apologize?..Would you be over it?

I think I might wait a couple days... and if he hasn't text me just say... my phone says we talked 6 minutes on Friday night, please say that isn't true. That way maybe he will acknowledge what happened and I will know what he heard like I said could have been a voicemail or he just listened for 6 minutes. maybe hell say yeah I heard you out with guys.. or maybe he won't reply I mean its pretty early he might just say this girl is too much for me. but if you think I should text first I will...


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  • I never understood this... women need to go back to logic school or something...

    Youre not playing too easy to get... you said he usually readily replies back to your texts so its not weird at all that youd do the same it just keeps the flow of conversation going.

    You were texting back and forth hot and heavy with paragraphs of text he goes out of town you delete your Facebook at the same time you're "making him sweat" this is all change and none of it looks any good to him if you're usually back and forth texting and then all of a sudden you're not he's thinking something happened.

    The next day he hears you drunk with guys hitting on you and even if you didn't give them your phone number or go home with a lot of guys will interpret polite conversation to be deeper than it is--he heard you "flirting" with other guys

    Youve gotta tell him that you got caught up playing stupid games or maybe tell him that you took some bad advice from a friend... if you can't swallow your pride it wasn't worth it from the beginning

    • Protip about the texting: match his intervals if you're worried about being too eager... if he responds immediately respond right back if he takes 11 minutes to respond take roughly the same amount of time there's no way he can think you're too eager or disinterested if you're matching him

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    • well me and him didn't talk. but I threw it in my purse and when I went to grab it out it was his number and it was open. So I hung up and I looked and it said outgoing call 6 minutes. So pretty much he heard the whole car ride of guys hitting on me on either his voice mail or he just was listening to us. I know that is my dilemma! He prob thinks I was with a million guys and did something when really I was just getting a ride home.

    • Dont bring it up at all just keep showing interest in him and if he's interested in you he will be sure to bring it up

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  • Don't worry , you don't owe him anything,i DOUBT IF HE HEARD MUCH WITH IT IN YOUR PURSE.dONT TEXT HIM, you were "busy" and it took you 13 hours to respond to him so he is probably playing the same game.Just let it go for now, he will contact u.You have nothing to apologize for.

    • okay, I was about to text him but your prob right. I was thinking that maybe he thought I didn't like him how I deleted fb then took so long to respond to him. I'm sure he heard the car convo my purse was open on my lap. That's why I don't know if he feels like I was trying to blow him off with the no respond and the no fb then later on obvs me with guys.. but I guess if he really likes me hell message no matter what.

    • u said you finally text him back an answer and he hasn't responded so you did your part now wait on his part. You will have answers soon enough.I have heard convs before when someone pocket dialed me, it is hard to make it out because it seems to cut in and out.

      Guys don't think as much as we women do. I doub he thinks you don't like him based on a silly Facebook thing.

  • You randomly started acting uninterested...don't blame the guy for ignoring you.