Guys, first date, going walking?

I didn't think about it earlier but he offered to take a walk in the Old Town. I don't even know what's going to come out of it. Anyway, it's mid-winer and it's about -15 out here.. really cold and I was wondering if he would mind if I said in the middle of our walk when I was cold that we could maybe sit somewhere inside. I don't want him to think he should pay for me or anything awkward. How would you feel or what would you do if your date asked this..


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  • I wouldn't think anything of it, I ask the girl I'm seeing to come outside so we can talk sometimes and its pretty cold here yet I know that since she's small she gets cold quickly. I only stay outside for a short period of time before letting her know we can go back inside since she's freezing. He'll understand, just let him know you're cold aha


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  • He'll probably has th same idea you do

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