Should I tell him or just leave him to it?

I've been texting a bloke who is 9 years younger than me since may last year he started the contact. We have got together texts have been everything from friendly to hot and he has told me he would never do anything to hurt me and that he knows I trust him which is hard for me and vice versa. Now the texts are less frequent and he has ignored me for the last 3 days. "Should I tell him if he doesn't want to speak to me any more that's fine but be it intentional or not that he has done what he said he wouldn't and hurt me?" or should I just leave it and if he contacts me act like nothings happened?


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  • i saw your previous comments , and I think he may have gotten busy for real , I mean I sometimes just ignore people unintentionally , I don't mean it at all , it just happens that my mobile goes out of charge for few hours , then I go home where the signal sucks , wake up so tired so I sleep for half the day , RESULT = I forgot who and who , and who is sad , and who is annoyed . I know it is not good , but maybe it is the case , I mean who is 24/365 is attentive ? so I think the best that you should let it go specially that he kinda apologized , but I wonder how do you define your friendship/relationship ? .. cause what really matter her is ''to how level you are attached to him ? and what are you expecting from all that ? '' , focus on that and the react upon the whole thing and not just this tiny issue here , good luck :) and share more details if you want here

  • I wouldn't tell him he has done what he said he wouldn't but I also wouldn't leave this alone since it bothers you so much. I'm not sure how you should handle this because I know my way isn't always the best. Last year I dated a man for about 7 months and once the contact started to slowly die down I just decided to text him letting him know that I acknowledge what's going on. I told him that I felt it was just the natural progression of things and that it was too difficult for me to hear from him whenever he felt like getting in touch. Because he too would just ignore my texts. I understand if things don't work out as planned but I don't like to be ignored for days. So I told him I wanted to end everything for good so that I wouldn't sit with anxiety for days. Also I didn't want to let resentment build up inside me. Maybe the complete cut off is harsh but I believe that's the only way you can really let things go.

    • Thank you, I just feel like he needs to know what he has done as we have always I thought been honest with each other about everything. I know if I text him what you did he will come up with a whole load of excuses it happened twice last year and then he became attentive again. I don't think I can go through that again I thought by telling him that it would put an end to it. I shall re think what I will send :-)

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    • ha yeah sure "bad signal"... where is he? Guam? lol

    • I know right lol I don't know what to do now head f**k springs to mind

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