I need advice from someone?

I was my exs secret.but I guess I texted to many sexy pics and dirty talk. Anyway it,must of made him feel pressurred cause he said he needed space for a couple of months & said we had to end this. Anyway I text a week later & asked if I back off would he reconsider and he said it would be a start. I miss him hella & its been almost two months. I think a lot and read & I'm now snapping out of it. I still am sick and can't eat. I miss him so much & I know I blew it again. This time I'm not sure what to do to get him to talk to me again do any of you have a suggestion? Cause I'm craving him bad but I don't wanna ut more pressure on him nd completely ruin everything


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  • I know how it feels when the man you want to be with doesn't want you back.. but you need to learn to just let it go. It's sad but it will make you stronger and ready for real love to walk into your life. Do you really want to be with a man that you have to walk on egg shells around anyway? You should be free to say and do as you please with your man. Who cares if you sexted him... he should feel honored that you trust him in that way.

    • Hey thanks what you said really matters :)

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  • I can't understand what's he's problem.

    • What do you mean?

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    • I'm not sure. I say try to give him some time. Of course you can contnue to call him,send him messages and stuff. He likes so it shouldn't be a problem.

    • Im not sure I think a little more time. I'm the kind that once bitten I get twice shy,. (hopefully I'm using that correctly.) Anyway he's 21 maybe more time is what he needs. Thanks

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  • the only way you can make him call you , is not to talk to him at all , done that and my ex contacted after 2 months also , so patience

    • I will do my very best to use that advice

    • anyway don't go too hard on yourself , because all of us at the point of someone we love is leaving us we go crazy , because it is too hard for our emotions and our nerves to directly accept it , me too , I begged and texted not dirty texts but I texted begging and showing love which screwed it for a while , but when I went no contact for a good while he contacted me , so don't worry , if he did love you , once that annoying image of you goes away he will contact you ;)