Do you think he meant this drunk text?

I dated this guy this summer and it was going good. Things ended up not working out because I wanted to be exclusive and he did not. We've talked a little since then, but its mostly just like small talk. So, I woke up this morning and saw that he sent me a text that said "What are you up to?" then another text 45 minutes later that said "I miss you". Then he sent another this morning that said "hey...sorry for the sloppy texts." Do you think he was just drunk or do you think he meant it?


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  • Probably not. He probably wanted to hook up with you and in his drunken mind, that was a good line to drop.

    Laugh it off and say it's OK and move on. If he didn't want a relationship before he won't now

  • I am not even looking at the question, just the title, and I am going to tell you ofcourse he didn't. it was a drunk text. don't look into it anymore than you have to.


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