Is it wrong to date others if this guy doesn't step up his game?

Ive been seeing this guy for 7 months. he's wonderful, attentive, and a gentleman. The perfect guy. Except we only see each other once a week, he texts/calls most days and sends me sweet messages.

When we first started going out we saw each other at least 2, maybe 3 times a week. For some reason few months ago because I had other plans one night it reduced to this.

I know he isn't seeing other women.

I feel bad for even thinking about dating others because he is so sweet, he gave me a lot of Christmas gifts including a heart necklace, and has treated me so well, and he has a pic of us on his dresser.

But am I wasting my time on this once a week thing?

should I feel bad for even considering dating others?


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  • Yes. It's wrong. Very wrong.


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  • is he good looking


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  • If you want to date others - you can - AFTER you break up with this guy.

    • so you are saying you think it is wrong to date others if I am seeing him

    • Yes, I think it's wrong.

    • ok thank you that's why I asked