How can you make texting the guy you like more playful/flirty?

I'm not talking about sexting so don't say that haha.

Me and this guy I'm dating are long distance until May, and sometimes texting can get dull or you don't really know what to say anymore because you've said it all.



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  • If its LD, have some LD dates. Try calling each other instead of texting. Watch a movie at the same time, go on Skype instead of texting. Honestly, if I was the guy, I'd send letters to you since written mail is uncommon and its romantic. Maybe a small gift every now and then just to surprise your mailbox.

    Otherwise I guess get silly with snap chat or video yourself doing something you love to do and send each other videos. Like, if you like singing, sing a song for him and if he likes... I don't know mountain biking, he could video himself going down a trail.

    LD relationships has so much to do, maybe as much as regular relationships. You just need to have the heart and creativity to think of ways to be close while being miles apart.


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  • I was going to say sexting... Since your already doing that, if you mean you want conversation just ask him questions and make jokes. As long as your not annoying him because he doesn't want to be texting 24/7

  • Maybe you can throw in more emoticons than usual.


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