Long distance ex "secret" message?

Me and this girl broke up a few months ago. We are both dating other people, but have admitted to each other we want to date each other, when I move back, in a few weeks.

I have been adamant she needs to break it off with her current guy, and I with mine, to be fair and to "prove our love can wait."

She does not feel the same way, wants to date him up until I come back. Makes excuses etc. Not much I can do being so far away I know.

But, she put up as her status, "you are my 4 letter word." This is on a program her new guy is not a part of.

This was for me I can only assume. But should I just let it slide she won't dump this other bloke until I am in town? She said she needs someone to "lean on" and he's being too nice.


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  • i guess it would be a stupid move to destroy what you guys have before you actually get back into town , you will lose your chances into getting her , wait till you come and see what happens and have patience for now

  • Ummm. Do not go there. Leave the past in the past. You'll regret it. If she can't let the guy she's with now go. How will she let him go later. She is confused, and I honestly think you will be disappointed. Things won't happen the way you hope.


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