Why are his texting habits so bizarre?

This guy and I are friends and we hang out frequently in person. He is totally normal in person -- friendly and all. But then when I try to talk to him over text, he is all over the place. It's is about me texting him first 75% of the time. Whenever we talk he seems interested but then just drops out without saying bye or anything. At other times, he says when he is going away from his phone for a second and apologizes for replying late.

Basically, the day before yesterday, I texted him and we were talking for a few hours. It was getting late and I was expecting him to stop relying soon because the conversation wasn't that interesting. As I thought, he did stop replying. But then the following morning he texted me back and started up the conversation again. He asked me how the night before went because I was at a party. I replied and he never responded. I don't understand why he picked the conversation up again and asked me questions only to drop off the planet. Is this normal?


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  • It is very normal.