Did he really mean this or naah ? your opinion pls

Sooo I met this guy online like 5 months ago since then we are texting each and every day the problem is that we live far away from each other so I can't meet him until May. He said that he likes me and I also like him very much. Yesterday he texted me things like " maybe one day I will marry you", " you are the girl of my dreams", how he sees his future with me and that he is sure that his parents will love me. I am not so sure if he really means this or not..so what do you guys think about this situation?


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  • He likes you. When he talks about you meeting his parents. He likes you.


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  • He may like you but do not get your hopes up.

    You don't really know what it's like to spend much time with him.

    It's easier said than done.

    My parents always tell me (in Spanish),

    "Amor de Lejos es Amor de Pendejos."

    It's more of an indirect comment. The best way I can put it is,

    "Long-Distance Love Affairs are for Fools"

    (I found it on Wiki Answers or something.

    It really may be so, but don't put all your energy into this.

    Also, it's online. You have to be SUPER CAREFUL!

    He may not really be who he says he is.

    He can be a married man or a guy who is just looking to kill time online. I say this because it happened to me. He claimed to be in the Army so he couldn't talk to me much. We stopped talking, a year Later his wife is calling me wondering who I was because my number was on his Call Records a lot.

    Really think about it. If you ever come to meet with him in May, take a friend or someone with you.

    I hope you make the best decision.