Is she giving me good advice?

Is it a good idea to let her text me first after we just started talking yesterday? We texted for hours yesterday and it went well. One of my good friends (a girl) was hanging out with me and told me that's what I should do. She said wait 4-7 days and if she doesn't text you, then text her, just to see what she's up to. I hate texting and I'm pretty sure most guys feels the same, but unfortunately women love this crap.

Well, she text me tonight. So I guess she isn't worried about texting me first. I did tell her that it was a pleasure talking to her yesterday and to feel free to text/call me anytime, so she wouldn't feel she was bothering me. She did start hammering on if I want to have a kid, if I'm ready for one, if I found the right girl would I be ready... Kind of threw me for a loop since this is day two of talking. Should I question this?Or just take this as her wanting to know if we want the same thing
She ended the conversation saying, 'It's always nice talking to you but I have to be up in a few hours. Hopefully I hear from you again. Goodnight :). Guess I just don't get the hopefully I hear from you again.


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  • Text her. To be honest, even though there are many who won't admit it, most of the girls are not comfortable with doing the chase and are too shy to text you first. We/I always feel like we are bothering you and/or that you will just shrug us off because you met someone better or simply because you're not that into us. If you like her, text her. Give her attention. However, too much attention may kill her interest, because (and 3/4 girls are guilty of this, I promise) she will feel like you're on her hook and won't bother with you.

    And in the end, if talking through messages is not your thing as I noticed, try to arrange a meeting.

    Good luck, I really hope it turns out well! :)


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  • Nooooo you should text her FIRST. I'm 99% sure that this girl is expecting you to text her first so do it. Some girls like to play hard to get and stuff so it is possible that she won't text you first even after 4-7 days and hey why should you wait 4-7 days to text her first...this is a girly thing,ok ? =p text her 1.) right now or 2.) later, but not after 3812 days. Good LUCK !

    • LOL. I didn't understand the point of it, but she was just like trust me, I'm a woman. Something about getting her to chase me, not showing I'm gaining interest in her quite yet. Just sitting back, playing it cool and letting her come to me. Probably won't text her today, was thinking about tomorrow and asking what she has going on this weekend, then ask her out. Just don't wanna get lost in text world, where I always seem to lose ground, but in person I'm fine. Feel like I'm boring texting

    • Trust me, I'm a woman..girls won't "chase" a guy even if he is perfect, that's your job not hers :p haha. and yeah I like the idea that you wanna text her tomorrow, do it..why not?:)

  • do'nt play those games! just text when you want to

  • definitely text her first


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