What happened here? am I paranoid or what?

Okay, I have been seeing this (awesome) man for a few months, more often in the last month.

We don't live in the same city (1h apart), but do a lot of texting and phone (not daily, but every other day or so). And when we do see each other it rocks! This arrangement works great for me because I'm a single mom, work hard and don't have time for 24/7 attention.

I feel very comfortable sharing with him my most intimate fantasies. Today I told him (via text) just that: "I feel very comfortable telling you these things". He replied "nice"; then I said, (and here comes my statement of concern):

"I never shared these details with anyone, not even my ex-husband" (who I was married to for 10 years and had 2 kids with.) Then he pulled away almost like a knee jerk reaction and said he needed to go. I said OK, that was 2 hours ago.

I am wondering if what I said is going to set things back or maybe he got scared I said the word "husband". I have no intention to get married, move in or having kids with him. But I do enjoy what we have now and would hate to lose this just because I used such charged word in this context.

Did he get scared?


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  • He might have been a little frightened :/ hard to say really from the info you provided. Back off a bit and let him text you.. Next time you talk/text, hint to him that you didn't mean what you said to sound more intimate than it was, you were just making an observation that you felt very comfy talking to him lol.

    It's a normal reaction for people to be afraid if they think you're getting too close, especially if they aren't ready, want to keep things friendly, or have been hurt in the past.


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  • i think he's not into you as much as you are into him

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