What to do here in this situation?

So just before this girl leaves we finally get to know each other. I planted the seed in December and we've occasionally hung out when we can. Had our first date where I was like lets hang out and get dinner abs she questioned whether or not it was a date a few times and said yes its a date and I was like OK. she's easy to please just make get laugh and she's good which is great Because I'm hilarious just being myself :p but she leaves before Valentine's so I'm doing an early vday for her. There's been mushy stuff here and there but nothing like how we feel or if we both like one another enough for a relationship should I bring this up on our date? I know she doesn't want to leave but needs help from her parents she's young but also wants to come back. Maybe I can make a trip out to see her or vice versa. I'm nervous about spilling my feelings towards her Because I how to God its reciprocated. Were both kind of odd balls haha but once we see potential in something we're nervous about going the distance but if we do it'll be glorious :p and maybe a little emotional

So big changes she had to leave a week early so we are doing a birthday dinner for me tonight but it almost didn't happen because she finished school and the school wad like you have one class to make up and I was pissed and went and asked my teacher if I could do something to get her off earlier and it happened she went I'm to an afternoon class and gets out early


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  • make her vday very special and memorable...

    the fact that you even want to do something for her makes a girl feel special. I think you got a good thing going pal...

    if all goes well plan a trip to see her...but surprise her; that would be the ultimate sweetest thing in my opinion.

    • I do like to surprise people but we keep things light lol and she unfortunately is not one for surprises :/

    • most people don't like surprises when it involves matters of the heart it is a little more intimate than that

    • Yeah she's pretty tough on the outside but super mushy on the inside

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