Guys: Would you ever text a girl that was just a friend this?

He has made a point to keep in contact with me at least once a week, asking how I'm doing. We were friends, he pushed for more, but was wishy washy, then said he didn't want to hurt me because he wasn't over his ex, then said he was ready to date, then said he wasn't ready to move on, and now - though I know and he hasn't told me - he thinks he's ready to date again.

He text me this past Friday, just saying, "Hey beautiful. I hope you're having a good day!"

It threw me for a loop. He hasn't called me that since he was pushing for more when we first started talking. I didn't answer him for a day, but said, "Hey, thanks! It was busy, but pretty great!" He replied instantly with "Good".

That was two days ago. I'm just at a loss for what is going on. Friends, more, boredom girl? I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster of him not being able to decide if he can move on, or not.

Why doesn't he just disappear if he doesn't see me as worthy enough to date?


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  • Personally, I would send that text to a girl if I like them, and/or want to sleep with them. You taking a day to reply to that probably annoyed him because you don't seem to want either from him ;)

    • Haha, well he knows I'm not that type of woman. ;) So, maybe it's the former? What do you suggest I do? Text him and bait him, or wait for him to come to me? Usually, he has to text at least once a week. If you knew how much I've done for him and how wishy-washy he's been, you'd understand why I'm giving him a hard time. It probably doesn't help that he's insecure.

    • Nah just back off, don't text and let him make the effort. If he doesn't make the effort than is he really worth your time and effort? Nope. Stop investing in guys who don't care. Don't let him use his own insecurity as an excuse

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  • Stop being passive. You have the power to cut HIM off and you should do so. You're not his play thing hor him to pick up whenever he's feeling over his "worthy" girl lol.. what a crock of sh*t

    If you stay with him you're being foolish. How gross of him to treat you that way. Such a cad.