Help! Should I or should I not text him?

I recently met this guy and I gave my number to him. We went out on one date and I had a great time.

The thing is I'm not sure if this can go anywhere because I'm moving away soon and he'll still be schooling here, so I doubt we can do the long distance thing.

Anyway, because of that I am not sure how much interest I should show him, especially when we text. I reply him fast when he text (which is everyday so far) and always give him smileys and lots of enthusiastic response. I've also read on GAG that guys might think the girl is not interested if she doesn't text first and might lose all interest so I'm worried. BUT then again, I am hesitant of texting first.

I am thinking, if we end up together, all good. But I don't want to push it so I don't want to be TOO interested by texting him first (if this makes sense)

But I need help. Should I or should I not text first randomly in the day (considering I don't want to seem too interested)? After all he liked me first? So he should text me first ?


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  • You guys can definitely work out the long distance ordeal but you have to talk about it with him. It doesn't' mean you have to just lose interest in him. If you like him you like him. Work it out with him. Honestly, the whole texting thing it shouldn't matter who texts first. I think it'd be good for you to text him first from time to time. Just be consistent with him. I dont' think you should distance yourself just because you guys won't be near by. But make sure you talk it out with him.

    • What if I text him from time to time and he sees me as being very interested? I am, but wouldn't it be better for both of us if I let whatever happen, happen naturally instead of me rushing it along by texting him often?

    • What's wrong with being interested in him? Texting doesn't/shouldn't be your only means of showing each other your interested. You guys can balance out who reaches out to who first. If you don't feel like texting that much do it once a week. Or better yet have a phone conversation.

    • You're right! I just don't want him to think I'm desperate or anything

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  • Right, first of all decide what you want from him, only you can make up your mind about it. Either you think an LDR can work between you or it can't.

    Then TEXT HIM no matter what you decide, either saying:

    a) "hey I really like you but I am going away soon and if you want to hang out with me that would be cool." then hint at having an LDR

    b) "hey I think your a nice guy but I am going away soon I do think your are awesome but I don't think we can work out dating wise because of the long distance"

    or something to that extent.

    Why text him no matter what? Because you OWE IT TO HIM and it is RESPECTFUL. If you don't text him at all no matter what you think of him he will always just assume you weren't interested and that you were too stuck up to tell him that.

    • It's not that I want to stop texting him. I just don't want to START texting him because I don't want it to happen too fast or soon. If it fizzles out then its probably for the better but the thing is I am in a dilemma cause I also don't want to STOP texting him.

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    • My idea is to see how things go. If I become head over heels for him I will be willing to try the LDR thing though I doubt it will work, which is why I'm not sure if I should be so interested. I kind of don't want to throw myself into it only to be heartbroken later. If you get where I'm coming from...

    • yes I understand but also remember if you leave it to late to act on your feelings he could have met another girl and you would have missed your chance with him

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  • Text him whenever you want to, but when you go on a second date and things become more romantic, talk about the long distance thing and see how he replies to that. No need to give up something before you even try :)

    • That's true, but will texting him first make him think I am super interested? Or what should I text him? I don't usually text my friends 'What's up' or 'How's your day' so I find it super awkward to text that

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    • Isn't that going all out? I'm not sure. I kind of don't want to throw myself into it only to be heartbroken later.

    • It's just meeting up, not an engagement or big step. If you wanna know how things can go further, you have to talk about the moving away, which is only a good idea if you're gonna talk about that face to face. It's just what I would do, it's up to you.