How can you tell if a guy would actually like to date you or just thinks you're cute?

Obviously if the guy asks the girl out he would like to date her, but what about the case where the guy is shy?

I think this guy is attracted to me because he will do things like stare or glance at me a lot when I am not looking and I have caught him looking at my body.

If we talk though he gets kind of shy? I can tell he is a little nervous but likes talking to me. He pays attention to what I'm saying and he is also not confident when he speaks to me.

He doesn't approach but I'm thinking that could be because he is shy with me.

How can I tell if he would actually like to date me? I am thinking I'll ask him to hang out, but I would like to avoid rejection if possible lol


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  • You're right to ask him. If you want something out of life, go make it happen. The fear of rejection is just one of those things we can't do much about. It's always gonna be there. Just keep in mind that if he's that shy and you DON'T ask him, you increase the odds of not getting what you want to 100%.

    • You're right. He's pretty shy and I don't think it will go anywhere unless I initiate something. Would it be a good idea to tell him I would like to spend time with him and see what he does? If he's interested he should be able to make more concrete plans right? I just want to see how interested he is, if at all. What do you think?

    • Actions > Words. Just give him a smooch, smile and see what he does.

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