Guys: spending money on her because you are into her yes or no?

Say you are into a girl or started talking to her again after some time, would you as a guy invite her to watch football with her (she lives 2 hours away) , text her that you miss her, want to see her often, text her that you fell asleep during conversations at night as soon as you wake up etc, when she comes to visit you, take her to dinner, the beach, try to rent jetskis for her, take her to see childhood friends of yours if you were NOT into her or do these things only get reserved for special girls!

  • She is something special...obviously I am into her
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  • Yeah right, she is lucky if she gets a good night text
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  • I am just having a good time and I wanted her to come along
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  • I think you know the answer is A but with guys you never know what the underlined motive is and how they will feel later on down the line. Just have fun and see where it goes