When will we see more female/female relationships?

Since females are capable of being with females and not needing men when will we see more females dating females. Look at celebrities so many females date females. Robin Robin just came out. Jillian Michaels a hot fitness gal has some out few years ago and is dating a woman. Michelle Rodriguez is dating a woman, I can go on and on. When will women leave men completely and date women? Or is it just reserved for the celebrities?


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  • It's not how it works. You're straight, gay or bi. Women won't leave men just because it's a trend...

    I have a lesbian and two gay friends. They live their lives, have relationship.

    I have a friend who went 9 month in Germany last year. There, she met two American girls, with their roommate, they found out this two girls were girlfriends, their advise? enjoy your relationship in public and that's what they did.

    Apparently, they came from a town in the US where it was not even an option.


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