Not replied to texts/calls...what is next step?

Been on two dates with a girl I really like. At the end of the second date she asked me if I was free during the coming week to do something. She suggested drinks, but I thought we could do something different and told her I would text her later in the week. I sent her a message the following night asking her if she would like to do chocolate tasting or cliché coffee at a quirky café. The reason the two options being she had a fashion coming up in a few weeks and was on a diet plan for that, so chocolate might not go down too well. She got back to me a couple of days later telling me she had a dress fitting the following day and said she would let me know. She didn't let me know. It tried calling her a few days after but no answer (chocolate tasting was the night I tried calling her). I send a text the next morning telling her something along the lines of 'that's chocolate tasting out the window till next week, coffee in the interim. I'll give you a call before you head out tonight to set it up. She told me on our previous date she had a special event on that night. So I did call her early evening but she did not answer. This was last Saturday, it is now Tuesday I still haven't heard from her. I am confused as she seemed interested in me and I was looking forward to seeing her again and still would really like to see her. Is she playing hard to get or just not interested? She has her fashion show, if she doesn't get back to me before tomorrow night I was going send her a text tomorrow night wishing her good luck for Thurs. Is this the right thing to do? Should I wait till after the show and ask her how it went. Or what do you think my next move should be? Thanks.


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  • You text too much, call too much.

    She's obviously not that interested, and you insisting interested her even less.

    So move on.

    General rule:

    One text without reply, you can retext once, a few days later. If she doesn't reply, move on.

    If she doesn't pick up the phone when you're calling, and doesn't call you back within a few hours, move on.

    She's acting disrespectfully, instead of turning you down. So no big loss anyway.