Should I text him? Opinions on how to keep the player interested?

Me and this guy talked two summers ago and instead of dating we hooked up a few times and left it until we found other people. We both became single again and whenever we're both single he wants to hook up again so tonight we hooked up and he shows no interest in me as a person as if he doesn't care enough to want to talk if we hangout but after we had sex tonight we just hugged and went our separate ways which was fine by me because tbh it wasn't the best time I've had not his best certainly. Anyways tonight he said text me when you get home so I did and told him I was home and he said okay and that he was going to bed and to text him tomorrow at some point. Should I even bother texting him? Will it leave him guessing if I don't text when I said I would?


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  • Let him initiate texting and not get you to do it. I say don't text him, if he complains just say you were busy and forgot. A player will only be interested if he wants something and if you're the one always texting him first your making it too easy and possibly boring.

    • Thanks and I obviously don't expect a relationship out of it all but is it possible for me to get him to like me enough to want to date me? He dated someone else just not me..

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  • when girls don't txt me it hurts my feelings, and my flight or fight responses go up! I always choose to run away because the pain in my abdomen is just to much. N I want to be positive and have integrity around women. its sad that you women are not conscious of the disrespectful behavior and beating that guys do out fo the negative energy that you create.

  • You can't keep a player interested in you.


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